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Slingbox 500

he Slingbox 500 is the absolute top of the Slingbox products. In 1080p Full HD you can look any ware in the world to all the programs you're watching at home. That's what IPTV does. Connect multiple video sources, easily zap through all programs and enjoy great picture quality. No subscription fees and maximum potential, enjoy it now.

Extend your room TV experience in sparkling 1080p high definition. Tune in to your favorite programs on your PC, Mac, tablet, Smartphone or through your TV. Wireless archiving your videos and photos and view them on your TV.

Product Features

• Extend your TV room with sparkling 1080p high definition.

• Connect to your DVR, set-top box or satellite receiver via HDMI and component or composite sources.

• New simplified installation on your TV screen

• Built-in WiFi

• Sleek, innovative design

• View and control your TV and all programs on your compatible smartphone or tablet with SlingPlayer software.

• Access your Slingbox from the Web on a high-speed internet connected PC or Mac.

• On the way, at work or on vacation, anywhere - anytime.

Wireless archiving your videos and pictures and watch them on TV at home or wherever you are. Connected USB storage device is required.

Now you can enjoy your personal media on your TV with the Sling Projector. With a Slingbox and SlingPlayer 500 (sold separately) on your Smartphone, you can play your photos on your TV. If your iPhone or Android phone the correct version of the SlingPlayer did enjoy this.

You must connect as the Slingbox 500. Your phone with the same network Now the only thing you should do is open My Media and select the photos or videos you want to transfer to your television with the Sling Projector. It is quick and easy. The Slingbox 500 knows exactly what to do and automatically switches to the input without having to struggle with your remote control.

Swap pictures by your TV with a simple swipe of your phone. Sit back and watch a slideshow or video of Sling Projector offered for you. Get more from your TV with the Slingbox 500.



Slingbox 350

The Slingbox 350 is the replacement for the Slinbox Solo. But certainly a worthy cause you look in 1080p Full HD worldwide to all programs that you watch at home. That's how IPTV is works. Connect multiple video sources, easily zap through all programs and enjoy great picture quality. No subscription fees and maximum potential, which is the Slingbox 350




Slingbox PRO-HD

With the Slingbox PRO-HD you can use completely your home entertainment set whenever and wherever you want in HD! The Slingbox is placed between a video device and TV (e.g. satellite receiver, cable box as well as DVD player, etc.). Then the Slingbox will stream the video and audio to your computer. The PRO HD has the same capabilities and ease of use as the Slingbox SOLO, but has a high-quality HD viewing experience. 

The Slingbox PRO-HD can be connected to three home theater devices. Through theSlingPlayer on your laptop, computer or mobile phone, you can then watch TV. No matter where your laptop, computer or mobile phone is located. So you might see your favourite soap on the beach in Malaga. This is Internet TV as it is iintended.


  • No monthly fees.
  • Watch TV in HD quality (1080i HD)
  • Built-in analog cable tuner and freeview DVB-T tuner (DVB-T). The DVB-T tuner for DVB-T supports only unencrypted channels.
  • SlingPlayer (via a browser plugin) is suitable for laptops / PCs with Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac.
  • Watch and control a (HD) TV device such as a digital VCR, cable / satellite set top box or DVD player.
  • Full set of pass-through connectors, so you can connect the Slingbox easily within your existing TV setup.
  • Support for connecting four TV devices including a HDTV device.
  • Virtual remote control. The SlingPlayer has a virtual remote control that works just like your remote at home.
  • With the streaming video buffering function you can pause, rewind or fast-forward your TV source. This is possible with any TV source.
  • Support for smartphones. With the SlingPlayer Mobile (optional) you can watch TV on your smartphone. This application is compatible with phones running Windows Mobile, Symbian, Apple iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry or Palm OS.
  • With the innovative streaming technology Sling Stream you always have the best TV picture.
  • Support for more than 5000 A/V devices. Devices that are not in the list, can be set up using the IR learning function.
  • The Slingbox requires a broadband connection with 512 kbps upload speed or higher (recommended). At 1 Mbit/s you have good quality TV and at 2 Mbit/s or more you will achieve maximum streaming quality.



Συνδέοντας το wireless bridge στην κάρτα δικτύου σας αποκτάτε πρόσβαση στο Internet αποφεύγοντας τα περιττά καλώδια. Καταληλο για ολους τους τυπους δικτυακων δεκτων οπως DREAMBOX - MVISION . Μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί για κάθε δικτυακό προϊόν όπως IP κάμερες ή ασύρματα router.


* 1 10/100 base Ethernet cable header
* 1 DC-2.0 female power port for power in
* 1 DC-2.0 male power port for power out
* Τροφοδοσία : DC5V-15V
* Κατανάλωση ρεύματος: Λιγότερο από 1.5W
* Εμβέλεια μετάδοσης σε κλειστους χώρους: 30μ



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